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“Welcome Message from the Director”

Dear ASI families, students, prospective families and students, and all stakeholders,

It is with great enthusiasm I introduce myself to you.  My name is Joseph Kotarski and I am the Director of ASI. With much excitement, urgency, and humility, it is an honor to be the school leader of ASI. I have the privilege and responsibility of closely working with students, parents, teachers, and Al Akhawayn University to continually grow the school in pursuit of academic excellence.   

Our Al Akhawayn School of Ifrane community is a diverse and dynamic one.  We are a Moroccan school serving both Moroccan and International students.  ASI curriculum is guided by the K-12 Common Core State Standards and teachers employ best pedagogical practices in conjunction with Standards framework.  Our classrooms provide our students with a rigorous standard based teaching and learning environment.

Other special characteristics of our school is the beautiful natural environment in which the school is set, plus the fact that we are part of the Al Akhawayn University, also here in Ifrane, with all the educational and facilities benefits that this entails.  When possible we plan for the use of AUI facilities such as Science labs and sporting facilities.  In addition, we proud to offer our most gifted students opportunities to dual-enroll in ASI and AUI to gain college exposure and credit. We offer small class sizes, which enables students to have a more individualized learning experience and affords them the opportunity to build strong relationships with their teachers and peers.  In short, we are a small, tight-knit, and collaborative learning community.

Our educational philosophy and approach is a holistic one; we look to the all-round development of the individual, academically, physically, socially, emotionally and morally. We have high expectations of our students and work towards continually pushing and challenging individuals to exceed themselves in all of these areas. On an academic level, we do our utmost to give them the tools to master mathematics, science, languages; including Arabic and French, literature, social sciences and philosophy. In addition to these we also have a strong Music and Arts program and an exciting sports curriculum. There is also a thriving after-school club provision with a variety of activities. Yet, even with all of this, our discourse with the students extends beyond the confines of curriculum’s and textbooks. We want our students to emerge with a passion for learning but also as independent, confident, respectful and generous individuals.

Our school is dedicated to bringing devoted and enthusiastic teachers together with inquisitive and motivated students in the classrooms and all extended spheres of the school’s various curricular and extra-curricular programs.

Yours in the Mission,

Joseph M. Kotarski

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