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Undergraduate Tuition and Fees - Method of payment

Method of payment

Application / TOEFL/ Confirmation / Pre-registration fees

Inside and outside Morocco:


Online payment instructions 

1- Log into the portal at using the user name (5-digit numbers) and password sent to you. 

2- Select “Admissions” tab and click on “Application and/or Toefl fees online payment” under “Documents I need to send and online payment”;

3- Read the payment conditions and payment security and click on “Accept” button;

4- Select the payment type in the drop down list (“Application and Toefl”, “Application only”, “Toefl only”), the amount to be paid will be shown, and click on “confirm(er)” button;

5- Enter your card information at the level of the order form “Bon de paiement”, select the check box near “confirmer l’acceptation des conditions générales d’utilisation du service” and click on “Valider le paiement”;

6- Print the payment receipt (you will receive a notification email with the payment details).




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