Undergraduate Tuition and Fees - Required deposits: Confirmation and Pre-registration fees

Required deposits: Confirmation and Pre-registration fees

All new students pay a sum of DH 3000 as deposit to cover any possible damage they cause during their stay at AUI. This amount is refundable once they graduate or withdraw from the university.


Candidates offered admission are required to respond to offers of admission immediately upon notification by paying a non-refundable confirmation deposit of 5000 DH and attend a mandatory pre-registration program.

The new student confirmation deposit is non-refundable unless the University denies the student’s enrollment after receiving insufficient TOEFL results.


The pre-registration consists of the following:

1. Deposit the original of High School Diploma or equivalent (Undergraduate level)

2. Pay complementary amount of 24 925 Dhs of which another 5 000 dhs is non-refundable