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Undergraduate Tuition and Fees - Fees, Tuition, and Expenses

Fees are applicable to the Fall and Spring semesters and are subject to change each academic year at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.




33 600


5 880

Cash wallet, restaurant

8 500

Registration fees

5 100

Semester insurance


Book estimates

3 000

Test fees*

1 000

University deposit*

3 000

Orientation fees*

2 500

ID Card


Print Fee


Total (MAD)

63 430

(*) Fees charged only the first semester and the deposit is refundable upon graduation.

Please Note: All tuition costs and fees are in Moroccan Dirhams (MAD)



Tuition is calculated on the basis of credits taken. The cost per credit is as follows:

Undergraduate (normal load 16 - 17 credits)

Moroccan tuition: 2100 dhs per credit

International applicants qualify for Moroccan tuition if:

1. One of the parents is Moroccan, or

2. Both parents are non-Moroccan but have resided and have been paying income tax (IGR) in Morocco for more than five years.

Students taking courses at the Language Center pay a flat tuition fee of 33600 dhs per semester.


Health Insurance is mandatory for full-time students and all students living in University housing. Details concerning the contractual insurance company and the coverage offered are available at the Student Health Center. Student health insurance premium amounts to 1320 dhs for a full year coverage, beginning January. Students joining the University for the first time in fall pay 660 dhs for the period leading up to the start of the calendar year. This amount is subject to change. Insurance company representatives are available on campus during the registration period.

Students graduating in the spring semester are charged the annual insurance amount of 1320 dhs which entitles them to a 12 month coverage. They are not allowed a semestrial insurance refund since they benefit from the whole year insurance declaration.


All registered students must pay the registration fees whatever their status is. Students who defend their thesis, capstone or internship before the end of a semester are allowed the reimbursement of their registration fees on a prorate basis.


Room rates for students living in residence halls are given below. First year undergraduate students are required to live in the residence halls unless exempted. The room fees are due each semester. Studios are available on a very limited basis under special conditions.

(Regular, but limited, room cleaning service included)

The University provides dining facilities including a cafeteria, grill, pizzeria, café and snack counter.


All tuition and fees are due and payable before the beginning of each term. Special arrangements for payments in two installments may be made upon request. A late payment fee is charged on payments received after the due date.