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Undergraduate Tests - General Admission Test (GAT)


Graduate level candidates do not take the GAT

Click here for a Gat Sample in French / Click here for a GAT Sample in Arabic 

General information

Eligible undergraduate candidates will be invited to take a General Admission Test. A placement test in Arabic, French and English writing will also be administered where applicable.

Apart from writing, the test is in a multiple-choice format where the candidate has to choose the best answer among five options provided. The test is administered in French with selected sections also available in Arabic. The General Admission Test measures a variety of skills acquired by candidates along their schooling. The test components are not necessarily linked to any specific field of study that candidates may have taken previously. It is composed of five multiple-choice sections and a writing section:

1) General knowledge;

2) Sentence completion;

3) Numerical skills;

4) Spatial skills;

5) Critical reading;

6) Writing section.