Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BAIS)

The BAIS program consists of the components listed below. It is designed to give students specific skills and essential knowledge while providing them with a wide choice of courses:

  • University core courses in the fields of humanities, natural and social sciences provide all students with a solid Liberal Arts education. Students also improve their written and spoken language skills in English, Arabic and French.
  • School core courses teach students analytical skills, critical thinking and research methodologies.
  • International Studies major courses introduce students to key concepts and theories of International Studies, as well as to the main disciplines within the field.
  • Concentration courses aim to provide students with the opportunity to focus on fields and regions of their choice. Students can choose between Political Science and International Co-operation and Development, and between North African and Middle Eastern Studies, European Studies and American Studies.
  • Minor courses in either Business Administration, Communication Studies, Women and Development, Human Resource Development, or Computer Science.
  • Elective courses can be selected from any other program offered at AUI.
  • The BAIS program culminates with an internship and a senior research project.

BA in International Studies Major Core



Required Courses

ECO 2310

Introduction to International Economics


GEO 1301

Introduction to Geography


HIS 3301

Twentieth Century International History


INS 3301

Theories and Models of International Relations


INS 3302

International Law and Organizations


Concentrations (18 SCH)

Students are required to choose TWO concentrations: one field concentration together with one area concentration. The field and area concentrations are:


Political Science
International Co-Operation and Development


European Studies
North African and Middle Eastern Studies
American Studies

In each concentration chosen, students must take ONE required course and TWO optional courses.

Minor (18 SCH)

International Studies majors may select a minor outside their program from Human Resources Development, Communication Studies, Women and Development, or Business Administration. Students selecting the minor in Business Administration must take ECO 2301 Microeconomics and ECO 2302 Macroeconomics in addition to the six required minor courses.

Electives 6 SCH

Students may select elective courses, according to their interests, in consultation with their academic advisor. They may select courses from other programs.

Women and Development Studies

Students selecting this minor must take all four Women and Development courses listed below as well as two other Social Science courses:

HUM 3311

Women and Culture


SSC 3311

Women and Economic Development


SSC 3312

Women and Society


SSC 3313

Women and Politics


TOTAL 140-141 SCH