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Undergraduates (Freshman) - Readmission


Former students of the University who wish to return after one academic year absence and who did not inform the University of their plans for a semester off or a Planned Educational Leave, must re-apply for reinstatement. They must complete the Readmission Application, submit a non-refundable application fee of 800 MAD, and provide official transcripts of all studies attempted and/or complete since last attending AUI. Transcripts must be provided to confirm that the student has been in good standing regardless of whether studies were completed or transfer credit was desired.

Students who have attended other institutions of higher education must be in good standing with these institutions to be considered for readmission. Students who are currently on academic probation or suspension at another institution will not be re-admitted to AUI. Students who have withdrawn from the University re-enter AUI based on the requirements, policies, and procedures of the University catalog in force at the time of re-entry. Candidates for readmission do not complete a new online application.


Documents required for readmission:

1. Readmission Form 

2. Readmission Fee of 800 MDH

3. Short essay explaining activities since last enrollment at AUI

4. Official transcript(s) if studies were pursued or work certificate(s) if applicable


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