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International Graduate

General Admission Conditions

There are three basic requirements for acceptance to a graduate program:

• A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, or equivalent

• Strong academic average in course work leading to the “Licence”; or, if graduating from a system using the US higher education model, a ‘B’ average or better in upper level (junior and senior level) work and in any graduate work already completed; or, other evidence of ability to succeed in graduate study

• Adequate preparation for the proposed graduate program; and, acceptance by the appropriate Admissions Committee Selected candidates may be invited for an interview with the admissions committee.

All graduate students wishing to enroll at AUI to pursue a master’s degree are expected to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. For placement purposes, students for whom English is not the first language must submit a TOEFL score of 550 and obtain a 5.0 score over 6.0 in writing or the equivalent scores in IBT.