Student Activities Office

Student Activities Office

Student Government Association

The AUI Student Government Association is an official student organization within Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI), Morocco. Its elected members represent the student body and voice their opinions to the relevant stakeholders in the AUI community.


What is The Mission of Student government Association?

The Student Government Association (SGA) shall strive to improve the quality of academic and social life and act as a representative of the student body of AUI.


Who are the Student Representatives?

Student representatives are registered AUI students elected by the student body for one year. There are currently 12 student representatives.


Where is the SGA located?

The Student Government Association has an office located in the main campus, Student Center (Building 14), second floor, at the opposite side of the Student Activities Office. In addition, SGA organize a number of event that will allow you to express your opinion and ideas freely.


How can I reach student representatives?

Student representatives can be most easily reached by email.


How can I become an SGA representative?

It is possible for registered students in the university to run for the Student Government Association. Elections are held every year under the supervision of an Election Committee composed by former SGA members. Conditions for eligibility are communicated by the SGA in advance.


What are the major committees in SGA?

The standing committees of the SGA are Academic Affairs, Student Services, Student Activities, and Public Relations.


What is the role of each Committee?


  1. The Academic Affairs committee concern itself with the following issues: Expressing students’ concerns, helping the students comprehend their rights and responsibilities regarding academic affairs, Contributing to the university‘s stated commitment to excellence.
  2. The Student Services Committee concern itself with the following issues: Expressing students’ concerns regarding housing, restaurant, campus store, bookstore, and other university services.
  3. The Student Activities Committee concern itself with the following issues: Developing a favorable environment, enhancing the students’ academic performance, and soliciting input from them in order to expand student activities on the campus.
  4. The Public Relations Committee concern itself with the following issues: Promoting the image of the University and the SGA off and on-campus by organizing a number of events that bring the SGA closer to the students.