Student Activities Office

Student Activities Office

Get Involved!

Why getting involved ?

In addition to having fun and enhancing your C.V, students who are involved acquire more self confidence and greater satisfaction with their university experience. Engagement in student organizations helps its members to develop their leadership competencies, team work spirit, time management, creativity, sense of initiative, organizational and analytical thinking, problem solving and learning to juggle many tasks at once in addition to the fact that it allows them to discover their various talents.

You can get involved by attending the clubs fair that takes place at the beginning of every semester. The clubs fair gives the opportunity to students to know more about the different clubs and student organizations they can join.

Surf here for a complete list of the current operational clubs and organizations along with their mission and contact information. Further information about any student organization could be provided by the clubs broads.

Clubs are open to every student enrolled at AUI and should not deny membership to any member of the University community on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, color or national origin.