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Mysticism in the 21st Century by Dr Connell Monette. 
  المغرب ماض مجيد و مستقبل واعد / Le Maroc des gloires du passé aux ambitions de l'avenir / Morocco Past Glory Future Wonders 

"E-Government for Good Governance in Developing Countries" by Driss Kettani and Bernard Moulin


 'تدريس اللغة العربية للناطقين بغيرها: مهارة الإستماع نموذجا' (Teaching Arabic for Non-Native Speakers: Listening Skills through Practice) by Dr. Mohamed Bounejma


 "ICTs for Health, Education, and Socioeconomic Policies: Regional Cases" by Dr. Ahmed Driouchi



 "Christmas in Cambérène, or How Muhammad Begets Jesus in Senegal, in Muslims and Others in Sacred Space" by Dr. Eric Ross