Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Honors Program

The University Honors Program

The University Honors Program is a unique learning journey, based on interdisciplinary seminars and explorations in research-oriented classes, aiming at building an intellectual community of students who are ethical, creative, independent and critical thinkers.

The Honors Program is a university-wide opportunity for students in any AUI school. Selected faculty offer additional, more research-oriented work for Honors students taking their class. Innovative in its own right, the Honors Program has produced several innovations including the University’s Undergraduate Research Program (URP) and the Honors Seminar, a weekly, three-hour graduate-style seminar that explores important, “big” ideas such as what it means to be human, and globalization in a multi-disciplinary, team-taught format. Students are challenged to think deep and fast and to engage in intellectual “play” that is creative, insightful, and often profound. Faculty love exploring their specialties with highly motivated students.

We welcome your interest in and comments on our University Honors Program. Please contact us for more information or to discuss how the UHP can engage you.