Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Leadership

University Governance


President of the University: Amine Bensaid

  • Chief Operating Officer: Yassir Touhami
  • Director of Human Capital: Safia Hazzaz
  • Institutional Research and Effectiveness: Cherif Bel Fekih
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Hamza Dalil


Vice President for Academic Affairs: Chris Taylor 

  • Assistant Vice President for Assessment & Accreditation: Jawad Abrache
  • Assistant Vice President for Academic Systems and Operations: Abdelhamid Hamidi Alaoui
  • Assistant Vice President for 21st Century Learning Innovation & Faculty Development: Karim Moustaghfir
  • Dean, School of Business Administration: Lakshmi Goel
  • Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences: Asma Abbas
  • Interim Dean, School of Science and Engineering: Salah Al-Majeed
  • Interim Director, Language Center: Karim Achibat
  • Director, Mohammed VI Libray: Paul Love
  • Dean for Public Sector Partnerships & Continuing Education/Associate Professor: Abdelkrim Marzouk
  • Assistant Dean for Academic Support Services & Director of Enrollment: Latifa Ouanaim
  • Registrar and Assistant Director, Enrollment Services: Smail Moujahid
  • Director, Social Science Research Institute: Nizar Messari
  • Director, Al Akhawayn School of Ifrane: 
  • Coordinator, First-Year Experience Program: Oussama Er-rady
  • Manager, Center for Learning Excellence: Omar Bougamza
  • Coordinator, Center for Learning Technologies: Hassan Darhmaoui
  • Coordinator, Honors Programs: Rossitsa Varadinova Borkowski
  • Project Manager, Center for Business Ethics: Wafa El Garah
  • Director, Executive Education Center - Casablanca: Ahmed Nejmeddine

Executive Director for Support & Administration: Ali El Awad

  • Assistant CFO and Director, Business Services: Abderrahim Ben El Jarbouh
  • Director, Procurement and Infrastructure Development: Said Nouamani
  • Director of Information Technology Services: Hamid Harroud
  • Director, Grounds and Maintenance: Mohammed Jadid 
  • Interim Director, Security and Safety Department: Adel Kamane

Dean of Student Affairs: 

  • Assistant Dean for Student Success & Engagement: Mhammed Chraibi
  • Director, Athletics and Campus Life: Adil Kamane
  • Director for Internationalization & PartnershipsBrian Seilstad
  • Head of Student Listening Unit:
  • Manager, Campus StoreSalem Benzidi
  • CounselorAure Veyssière
  • Physician, Manager, Health CenterAdnane Guennoun
  • Manager, Restaurant ServicesZakariae Slaoui
  • Manager, Student Activities Office: Chaimae Akkati
  • Housing and Residence Life Associate Manager: Hamid Nouamani
  • Imam: Zakaria El Khaoua
  • Chaplain to the Christian Community: Karen Thomas Smith
  • Azrou Center for Community Development: