University Governance


President of the University: Driss Ouaouicha

  • Director of the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness: Gina Cinali


Vice President for Academic Affairs: Wafa El Garah

  • Assistant Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research: Khalid Sendide
  • Assistant Vice President: Catherine Bachleda
  • Interim Dean, School of Business Administration: Jaouad Abrache
  • Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences: Nizar Messari
  • Dean, School of Science and Engineering: Kevin Smith
  • Director, Language Center: Moncef Lahlou
  • Director, Mohammed VI Libray : Abdelhamid Lotfi
  • Director, Director of Continuing Education and Regional Development: Abdelkrim Marzouk
  • Director, Executive Education Center - Casablanca: Bouchra Benhida
  • Director, Enrollment Services : Latifa Ouanaim
  • Registrar, Enrollment Services : 

Chief Finance Officer: Abdelaziz Benlafqih

  • Director, Business Services: Abdelhak Benseddik
  • Director, Human Resources and Administration : Said Nouamani
  • Director, Grounds and Maintenance: Mohammed Jadid 
  • Director, Security and Safety Department: Larbi Hariz
  • Manager, Purchasing Services: 

Dean of Student Affairs: Mustapha Jourdini

  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs: Khalid Mrabet
  • Interim Director, Housing Services : Khalid Mrabet
  • Director, Office of International Programs : Amy Fishburn
  • Manager, Campus Store : Imad Ghomri
  • CounselorAure Veyssière
  • Manager, Health Center : Adnane Guennoun
  • Coordinator, Dining Services : Hicham Hafid
  • Director, Student Activities Office: Yasmine Bahaji
  • Director, Athletics : Adil Kamane
  • Imam: Sliman Khanjari
  • Chaplain to the Christian Community: Karen Thomas Smith

Executive Director for Development and Communication: Cherif Belfekih 

  • Director, Azrou Center for Community Development: Malika Iguenfer

Director of the Institute for Economic Analysis and Prospective Studies: Ahmed Driouchi


Director of Information Technology Services : Hamid Harroud