Key messages and precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Covid-19 testing is required for all Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane community present on campus.

Dear Community,

A special committee was set up in February to follow up the health situation following the Covid-19 Virus outbreak. The mission of this committee, dubbed the Covid-19 Watch Committee, is to follow up developments in the health situation, advise on preventive measures, and take actions aiming at preserving the common health.

This committee is chaired by Dr Bel Fekih and is composed of the following people: Nizar Messari, Moncéf Lahlou, Abdelaziz Benlafqih, Naziha Houki, Amy Fishburn, Zaynab Brown, Adnane Guennoun, Adel Kamane.

In light of the evolving Coronavirus situation, the Al Akhawayn University has taken 6 major steps.

  1. Classes are taking place online;
  2. Students are requested to stay home. Exceptional cases have been accomodated.
  3. Continuous disinfection of shared spaces and university vans is ensured;
  4. Students returning from trips to Europe were put in isolation for two weeks in a special isolation building;
  5. There is one dining venue (coffee shop) and only for take away;
  6. Swimming pool and Fitness center are closed.


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