With a growing population of about 15,000, Ifrane is nestled in the beautiful Middle Atlas mountain region that delights residents and visitors all four seasons of the year. With its mountains, parks, cedar and oak forests, waterfalls, and rich wildlife, University students, faculty, staff, and visitors enjoy hiking, excursions, horseback riding, skiing, fishing, and many other outdoor activities.


Restaurants, cafes, hotels, nightlife, a weekly market, bazaars, hamams, campgrounds, and shops plus other amenities make Ifrane a pleasant place to live, study or visit.
Ifrane is one hour from the imperial cities of Fez and Meknes, 3 hours from the Moroccan capital Rabat, and 4 hours from Casablanca.
Weather in July:
The weather in July, and generally in summer, in Ifrane is pleasant. It may lightly rain during that time but rarely.