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“Al Akhawayn University has provided me through its liberal arts model and the international character with the necessary analytical and intercultural skills to pursue a career path in international relations. I found the multidisciplinary approach intellectually challenging and mind broadening and very essential in order to be prepared for lifelong learning in a constantly changing world.”

Wadia Ait Hamza- Bachelor of Art in International Studies (BAIS), Class of 2005
Head of the Global Shapers Community at the World Economic Forum, Switzerland

"Thanks to my beloved parents, I discovered my second home; I discovered the house of my dreams. AUI was a wonderful experience to me on every single level: professional and personal. I have learnt a lot; the kind of learning that opens my mind and widens my perspectives. Among my best memories are the extra-curriculum activities, it was a real chance to develop effective communication, expand my network, and broaden my knowledge. I can say today that the best skills I learnt were taught at the department of student activities. Being an AUI student is an opportunity you have to seize it in order to contribute to a better society, and leave an important mark. So, be yourself, dream big, and work hard. "

Amina FAOUZI ZIZI - Bachelor of Art in International Studies (BAIS), Class of 2011
Member of the Moroccan Parliament Justice and Development Party

“Al Akhawayn University has played a transformational role in my life. It began the moment I set foot on campus and it continues to shape who I am today. Having majored in computer science with a minor in business administration, the liberal arts experience at Al Akhawayn provided me with a solid academic base and allowed me to build up a diverse profile able to adapt to various environments.”

Taha Benazoun – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS), Class of 2013
Regional Digital Infrastructure Manager at Jaguar Land Rover

“The education I gained at AUI shaped my future professionally and personally and allowed to me handle successfully different challenges and responsibilities. Al Akhawayn’s excellent faculty prepared me with a strong academic foundation and invaluable knowledge. Choosing Al Akhawayn will provide you with the necessary skills to succeed and to be competitive both locally and globally.”

Laila Tamtamaouy – Bachelor of Science in Social Studies (BSSS), Class of 2000
Director Soft Skills Morocco

“My academic experience throughout the MAISD program was on all aspects a very fulfilling one. On the academic level, the MAISD program offers a complete insight on International Relations Theories as well as challenging concepts and views on the international world system. All the classes, were animated by both the passion of learning and debating with very enriching exchanges between classmates and professors. The MAISD is a unique program in Morocco which offers strong academic tools for every ambitious student who wants to pursue a career in diplomacy or to apply for a PhD program abroad. I strongly recommend the MAISD for its thorough academic program and teaching.”

Wafa Abyad- Master of Art in International Studies & Diplomacy (MAISD), Class of 2010 / Bachelor of Art in International Studies (BAIS), Class of 2007.
PR at Fondation Banque Populaire

“We do not see it when we are still a student, but once we reach our long-term goals we recall the various milestones we achieved every day at Al Akhawayn.  Today, I am working in London at one of the top market research and social media companies in the world. I am thankful and glad to be an Al Akhawayn alumnus.”

Zineb Achmoul - Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Class of 2010
OCP Morocco

"AUI was truly a perfect environment for growth. It was in AUI that I realized the incredible potential we all have. That’s where I made friends who are now family! Joining AUI was the first step of a journey that later took me to the discovery of the world, and that of myself. If I were to relive my time in AUI, I would not hesitate a second."

Kenza Touhs - Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Class of 2015
Junior Capabilities & Insights Analyst - McKinsey & Company

My experience at Al Akhawayn University has meant career advancement to a highly responsible and technically challenging position in a multinational leader company of renewable energies which won the tender of the 850 MW wind farms project in Morocco. The Sustainable Energy Management master program has given me the opportunity to pursue my dream career and also to pursue a doctoral degree in renewable energies. I found engaged faculty and a built-in community that supported me during my whole degree process to give the best.  It comprises courses from renewable energies that treat the technological, economical and legal aspects that I couldn’t necessarily find in any other program. The professors who are doctors in the topic, played a large role in my decision to attend. I’ve formed close relationships with them, they were never too busy to provide guidance but also offered a lot of freedom to research and exploration. Thanks to this program which helped me to end up in a job that I am excited to go to every day.”

Atar Derj- Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Management (MSSEM), Class of 2018/ Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management Science (BSEMS), Class of 2016
Environmental Discipline Engineer · ENEL GREEN POWER

“My MBA experience was just amazing. Besides the thorough academic program, I had the opportunity to connect with great classmates and faculty. A graduate student in AUI is continuously pushed out of his/her comfort zone, to go the extra-mile and experiment new ways of doing things. The school is culturally inclusive and diverse and this, enables students to develop an open and flexible mindset.
As a Head of HR, these are among the key qualities we look for in candidates. I had also the pleasure to be member of the SBA Advisory Board and to contribute in many initiatives in this regard.”

Hicham Talbi – Master in Business Administration (MBA), class of 1999
Head HR North Africa – Bayer

“Enrolling into AUI MBA program in 2009 was one the best decision I took in All my life. I had the opportunity to learn and build a strong business management knowledge, knowing that I am coming from a purely engineering background (BSCS AUI 2006). I still can remember the brilliant lecturers from different backgrounds and various universities all over the globe. The learning outcomes of the program were not only theoretical but also very practical, to my daily work: business development, project management, organizational and individual behaviors.
The program was also an opportunity to build a rich network with professionals from different disciplines. My thesis at the end of the MBA (Impact of Emotional Intelligence Training in Improving Emotional Competencies, Job Satisfaction and Work Autonomy) had a great impact on my professional career, thanks the right and high level of mentoring from my mentor. 
I highly recommend the AUI MBA program to better shape the future of your career.”

EL Mehdi EL KHACHIA, – Master in Business Administration (MBA), class of 2011 -
Project Director - Industrialization Program – CAPGEMINI