AAA Next initiative

Last July 2018, two members of the alumni community, Charif Houachmi (member of the board of advisors) and Fatima Ezzahra Azouzi, started the “AAA Next Initiative” to prepare a detailed and researched recommendation report on the basis of a large survey. The idea was to create a roadmap for re-establishing trust and confidence between the alumni community and the alumni association.
These recommendations were put to vote to the wider community alumni community who in majority agreed to use the AAA Next Report as the basis for the restructuration of the Alumni Association.
Since the approval of the new approach by the community, the AAA next team proceeded in the application of numerous decisions:

  • Future of AAA debate preparatory meeting July 4th
  • AAA Next survey about the future of AUI Alumni Association July 15th
  • AAA Next recommendation report work groups July 29th
  • Report feedback and vote started on August 11th
  • AAA voters registration October 1st
  • Call for interest AAA Status draft October 1st
  • AAA Next Recommendation Report release October 4th
  • AAA Status Review November 5th
  • Call for vote on the: Status, Recommendation report & Internal Regulations November 10th
  • Call for interest for BoE & BoT November 12th
  • Election campaign launch, November 29th
  • AAA Election lists debate, December 1st
  • E-votes started December 6th
  • Elections date & results announcement December 8th

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