al akhawayn alumni association

Since Its launch in 1995, AUI has graduated over 5000 alumni from its three schools, including undergraduates and graduates.

Al Akhawayn Alumni (AA) was founded in March 2003 on the initiative of Al Akhawayn University and its graduates. It has now more than 5000 members spread all over the world.

AA is managed by a board of eight volunteer members, who coordinate the activities of the association with the contribution of other members and the Alumni Affairs Office.

The Alumni Association manages independently and freely its shares and funds. AA is recognized by Al Akhawayn University Board of Directors and is considered as an integral part of Al Akhawayn University and one of its major stakeholders that play a key role in institutional branding.

The last Executive Board elections took place on December 8th, 2018, with 385 alumni voting, representing over 55% of registered alumni. List number 10, the winning list, was as follows:
AAA Executive Board members:

  • President: Salwa Nana (SSE, BA 2011) - Team lead at Accenture.
  • 1st VP: Rabha El Hajjaoui (SSE, BA 2012) - Senior Product Marketing Specialist at GET Group Holdings in Dubai.
  • 2nd VP; Taha Moujane (SHSS, BA 2018) - Fresh Graduate, Looking for new opportunities.
  • General Secretary: Ali El Ouafiq (SSE, BA 2012) - Founder, Meta Capital.
  • Treasurer: Salim El Kohen (SSE, BA 2016) - Energy & Environment Consultant at ALTO INGENIERIE.
  • Advisor: Fatima Zahraa Daraoui (SHSS, BA 2010) - Deputy Manager at Groupe Scolaire Azzaitoune. 
  • Advisor: Oussama Sefrioui (SSE, BA 2002) - General Manager, AGO-SOLUTIONS.
  • Advisor: Abdelkarim Adyel (SSE, BA 2013) - CGEM.

A Board of Trustees for the Association was formed as recommended in the AA next initiative report; this board is a mixed stakeholder advisory board. BoT members are elected, nominated, and members for the previous Board of Advisors.

The elected members are as follows:

  • Wadia Ait Hamza (SHSS, 2005) Head Global Shapers Community at World Economic Forum, Zurich
  • Meriem Aida Raoui (SBA, 2002) DGA, Mifa-Yamaha, Casablanca
  • Zakia Hajjaji (SBA, 1999) Directeur RH et Communication, Orange, Casablanca
  • Fatima Azzahra El Azzouzi (SSE, 2009) Technical Consultant, Microsoft, Casablanca
  • Kamal El Hardouzi (SBA, 2013) Entrepreneur, Fenris Agency, Casablanca

Previous Board of advisors members:

  • El Mahdi Yassine (SBA, 2005) Strategic Business Analyst at Orange, Casablanaca.
  • Khalid Baddou (SHSS, 2001) ChargĂ© de mission at the Mohamed 6 Polytechnique University.
  • Youssef Ittobane (SBA, 2003) at Inwi Casablanca.
  • Charif Houachmi (SHSS, 2000) Entrepneur, Business Realities Casablanca

One member elected by the new BoE:

  • Ali El Boukili, entrepreneur ARCHIMEDIA, Casablanca