AAA Next initiative

It’s an initiative to prepare a documented report (For September 2018) entitled AAA Next. This report will serve as a basis for a roadmap to re-establish the trust and the confidence of the alumni and the Association... First step would be to set up a survey to assess AUI Alumni Expectations vis-à-vis the AA.

For more info, please send an email to 

AAA Next Recommendations Report (Download here)

The day has finally come! The AAA Next Steering Committee invites you to discover the AAA Next Recommendations Report (pre-print version). We promised & you helped us deliver :) Now, how can we make these recommendations actionable?

1) Register on the Voting list
Why? To be eligible to vote on the new Bylaws (Statuts de l'association) and vote in the upcoming Elections
How? Fill out the Voters' Registration form

2) Volunteer to rewrite the AAA Bylaws
How? Email the Board of Advisors at
When? Draft Bylaws will be published on Oct 15th

3) Vote on the new Bylaws
How? In person or by email (No membership fees required! Only 1 condition to vote: register on the Voting List)
Save the date: Saturday, October 27th

4) Get ready for Elections (Nov 24th)
Call for Candidacy closes on Nov 10th

We hope that you will enjoy reading the report as much as we enjoyed preparing it, and that it will spark your interest to get involved further.

N.B.: All details about voting & elections will be sent by the Board of Advisors & published on the Official AAA Facebook page